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Wild Mountain Green Tea- Organic

This green tea has a nice light and toasty flavour. Ingredients: Organic Chinese green tea.

Strawberry Lychee Green Tea

A delicious, fruity green tea with nutty undertones from the genmaicha. Ingredients: Green tea, genmaicha, pineapple, mango, safflowers, jasmine blossoms, strawberry, and natural flavours.

Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder is a type of Chinese green tea that is rolled into small round pellets. Rolling allows the leaves to be less susceptible to physical damage and breakage and allows them to retain more of their flavor and aroma. Ingredients: 100% green tea.

Goji Berry Green Tea

Goji berries are very high in antioxidants and vitamin C, a great way to start your day! Ingredients: Chinese Sencha Green, Goji berries, safflower petals, and natural flavours.

Japanese Tropical Sencha Green Tea

This top selling sencha is sure to please your palette. Loaded with tropical fruit and flowers-if you think you don't like green tea this will make a believer out of you! Ingredients: Sencha green tea, dried mango, pineapple and coconut pieces, sunflower petals, cornflower petals and natural flavour.

Lucky Dragon Green Tea - organic

Bold and full flavoiured with a hint of pine.  A robust Chinese green tea.  Ingredients: 100% organic green tea.

Japanese Sencha Green Tea - Organic

A real delight. Hunter green needle like leaves mark the sencha, which brews up to a delicate green liquor that is both grassy sweet, and cleanly astringent. Ingredients: Japenese sencha green.

Jewel Green Tea

Excellent tea on a cold winter night-add a splash of rum for an interesting night cap. Ingredients: Sencha tea, rum, blackberries, raspberries, black currants and natural flavour.

Jasmine Gold Green Tea - Organic

Abundant jasmine character on seasonal green tea makes this infusion a nice daily ritual. Ingredients: Organic Chinese green tea, jasmine flowers.

Jasmine Dragon Tears

This is a high quality very intense and fragrant tea. The leaves and the buds are hand rolled into small pearls that unfurl as they steep to show off their graceful leaves. Tranquility in a cup! Can be steeped multiple times. Ingredients: Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls.  Steep for 2-3 min with water temp at 180 F.