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Black Teas & Blends

To create black tea the leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are plucked and then treated in a four-step process. This includes withering, rolling, fermentation and firing to stop fermentation. Black tea known for its health benefits can be enjoyed flavoured, as a single estate tea or a blend.

Aloha Black Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, papaya, pineapple, calendula petals, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, natural flavours.

Apricot Black Tea

This tea gives off the aroma of fresh apricots, and is great served as an iced tea. Ingredients: Black Tea, dried papaya, dried apricot, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, calendula, sunflower petals and natural flavours.

Assam Black Tea - Organic

This orange pekoe tea has an amazing malt flavour. Is ranked one of the finest teas in the market. Ingredients: Luxury organic black tea.

Baroness Grey Black Tea

An excellent Earl Grey, accented with citrus. Earl Grey with a twist. Ingredients: Black Ceylon Tea, orange and lime leaves, rose petals, cornflower petals and natural Bergamot flavour.

Blackcurrant Black Tea

A deep blackcurrant aroma and flavour that can also be served as an iced tea. Ingredients: Black Ceylon tea, blackberry leaves, mallow flowers, cornflower petals and natural flavours.

Blueberry Black Tea

This tea has an intoxicating blueberry aroma and sprightly full flavour of the wild blueberry. Ingrediets: Black tea,cornflower petals, blackberry leaves and natural flavour.

Buckingham Palace Black Tea

A delightful tea served at the Queen's Tea Party each spring. Ingredients: Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan Black Tea, Jasmine green tea and Earl grey.

Butter Truffle Black Tea

Butter truffle tea has a caramel like flavour with a sweet aroma. Ingredients: Black tea, pistachios, almond pieces, cumin, coriander, red peppercorns and natual flavours.

Creme de la Earl Grey Black Tea

This top selling Earl Grey is mellowed with a delicious creamy taste. Ingredients: Black Ceylon tea, cornflowers petals and natural flavour.

Darjeeling - Margaret's Hope TGFOP Black Tea

This second flush Tea has a lovely muscatel flavour and delicious astringency. Ingredients: Black Darjeeling Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

An unbelievable Earl Grey flavour. Ingredients: Black Ceylon tea, cornflower petals, natural Bergamot flavour.

English Breakfast Black Tea

A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full flavour. Ingredients: Black Tea

Fireside Black Tea

Oranges and cinnamon is well captured in this refreshing tea. Ingredients: Black tea, dried orange, cinnamon, lemon balm, lime leaves, and natural flavour.

French Blend Black Tea

A full bodied tea with wonderful floral notes. Ingredients: Black tea blended with green tea, rose, lavender and jasmine.

Gingered Nectar Black Tea

A spicy character of ginger is mellowed with the sweetness of peaches. Try it Iced to become a believer! Ingredients: Black tea, dried ginger root, sunflower petals, blackberry leaves, dried peach, dried papaya, calendula, and natural flavour.

Golden Pu-Erh 5 year Black Tea

This tea has been aged for 5 years in a dark cave in the Yunnan Province of China. It has an earthy character and is mild in flavour compared to the young Pu-Erh. Ingredients: Black Tea,

Ice Wine Black Tea

A delicious fruity black tea! Ingredients: Black tea, dried grapes, natural flavour.

Irish Breakfast Black Tea

A full bodied Assam and Kenyan blend. Ingredients: Black Tea.

Keemun Panda Black Tea - Organic

A complex tea with subtle flavours of wine and fruit. Ingredients: China Black Tea.

Kenilworth Ceylon Black Tea

A malty flavoured tea that is full of life and very smooth. Great tea for the afternoon or with dinner. Ingredients: Black Ceylon Estate tea

Kenyan Black tea

This black tea has a malty flavour with light hints of currant.  Ingredients: Black Tea

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

A smooth crisp character with the remarkable smoky aroma of a pine and oak wood fire. Ingredients: China Black Tea.

Maple Black Tea

A sweet tea with notes of caramel. Ingredients: Black Tea, sunflower petals, calendula, real maple syrup, and natural flavours.

Market Spice Black Tea

This tea is blended in the Pike Place market in Seattle. Naturally sweet from the cinnamon spice blend. Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, cinnamon, clove and natural flavours.

Masala Chai Black Tea

A flavourful Chai that is great on its own or brewed with milk. Ingredients: Black Assam tea, cardamon, cinnamon, fennel, star anise, peppercorn, orange peel, coriander seeds, ginger and cloves.

Prickly Plum Pear Black Tea

A full bodied tea with sweet notes and a fruity aroma. ingredients: Black tea, dried pineapple, dried pear, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, safflower petals, mallow blossoms, and natural flavours.

Prince of Wales Black Tea

A full bodied tea with delicious hints of black currant. Ingredients: Black tea blend, gunpowder green tea, cornflower petals, safflower petals and natural flavours.

Russian Caravan Black Tea - Organic

A hint of Lapsang Souchong makes this tea toasty, smokey and delicious. Ingredients: Black tea

Santosa - BOPS Black Tea

This Indonesian tea has maltiness and a hint of flowery character. Ingredients: Black tea (Broken Orange Pekoe Special)

Scottish Breakfast Black Tea

A multi full bodied character tea. A bracing Highlanders cup of tea! Ingredients: Black tea blend of Assam, Nilgiri and Chinese Keemun.

Vanilla Frost Black Tea

A mysterious blend of vanilla and grenadine ensures a satisfying cup. Ingredients: Black tea, calendula, white daisy flowers and natural flavour.

Vanilla Spiced Chai Black Tea

A spicey flavoured Chai with a hint of vanilla. Ingredients: Black Assam tea, cardamon, cinnamon, peppercron, ginger, cloves and natural flavour.

Yorkshire Harrogate Black Tea

Few teas have such rich fullness and flavour. Ingredents: Black tea blend

Young Pu-erh Black Tea

Pu-erh is aged tea. The tea is fermented for 1 year after the leaves are dried and rolled. Studies have shown many health benefits of pu-erh tea including weight loss support, anti-cancer properties, better glucose control and the ability to decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol. Ingrients: aged chinese black tea.