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Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate tea also known as Mate is a South Amercian herb from the holly family. While this is an herb it does have caffeine and makes an excellent coffee subsitute giving you energy without the side effects coffee can have for some people. It is a natural appetite supressent and is rich in vitamins.

Active Yerba Mate - Organic

This tea is full of flavour and healthy ingredients to keep you and your tastebuds active throughout your busy day. Ingredients: Organic orange yerba mate, goji berry, sea buckthorn, carrot pieces, rose hips, calendula and natural flavour.

Cocoa Delight Yerba Mate

This is a roasted yerba mate with full bodied flavor. Yerba mate is packed with 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids. Mate helps suppress your appetite and keep you alert throughout the day. Ingrediets: roasted mate, black tea, chocolate pieces (sugar), vanilla bits, cinnamon and natural flavors.




Exotic Dream Yerba Mate

This yerba mate is deliciously fruity. Perfect for that extra boost of energy we all need in the morning! Ingredients: Mate tea, mallow and sunflower blossoms, natural flavour.

Green Yerba Mate - Organic

This straight up yerba mate tea is herbaceous in flavour and can lend itself well to the addition of lemon and a little honey. Yerba Mate tea can lend you energy when you are feeling mentally and physically fatigued, it is rich in vitamins and also known to control the appetite (we could all use this from time to time).