Best Easter idea for Kids 2022!
C Christine Lilyholm

Best Easter idea for Kids 2022!

Apr 12, 2022

 Chocolate comes first and chocolate bombs are the king of chocolate! Whether its white chocolate or milk chocolate that takes your fancy, Gourmet Village chocolate bomb kits will add some extra fun to your family Easter celebration.

Each bomb kit comes with its own chocolate mould, melting chocolate and surprise treats for your chocolate bomb explosion and plenty of creativity opportunities to keep kids busy in the kitchen.
Purchase your chocolate bombs in Campbell River from Stonehouse Teas, they have lots of varieties and extra kids treats to make up the best ideas to for kids that love to cook.

Seasonal Chocolate Bomb Kits are available all year round with some variations to keep the fun fresh and kids creative.

You can purchase your chocolate bomb kit, direct from the store on 11th Ave, Campbell River or online by clicking here.

Happy Easter! :) 

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