Best staff training practices with instant results
C Christine Lilyholm

Best staff training practices with instant results

Apr 12, 2022

Retaining staff during a global shortage has never been more challenging.  Now more than ever the ‘work force’ is choosing their ideal work environment where they can succeed.  It shouldn’t be a secret that their success is your success, but still many employers try to push the training process to get workers on the job without the tools and techniques they need.   At Stonehouse Teas, we continue to use a well planned training program, adapted over time that creates confident staff that want to stay on the job because, they love their work and they feel a part of a successful team.  

Training, retraining and continue training is an important part of staff retention. 
Setting goals, that include quality and consistency is the start of a good training plan that leads to success. 

Coming from a background as a chef and a culinary arts instructor I’m aware of the importance of teaching to all different learning styles.   At Stonehouse Teas, the same techniques are applied that include a comprehensive training plan, which starts with reading the plan that we have in place, listening on how to do things correctly, watching others prepare products, and practising with lots of repetition. 

We always make sure that we tap into all learning styles and allow our staff to use all of their senses, reading, listening, watching, and doing before making something for a customer.   Training not only creates consistency and quality but most importantly it creates confidence.   The staff have confidence knowing that they are doing things to make sure that the product is created the same each time and customers will be delighted.  

Hoping staff catch on after one or two instructions is not fair to them and usually can bring the wrong results with customers and therefore, the business. Training steps instill confidence, positive customer comments instill success.  

Neither myself, or our management team feel the need to micro-manage staff, we trust the training plan and have witnessed it's success.  It’s not just about technique, it’s also about teaching anticipation, understanding the expectation of customers and why standards are important with the easiest way to ensure consistency. 

It takes time to train, and for every business owner an associated cost but, I believe people want to work hard and be a part of success, they just need to be given the tools to do the job.  For me one of the main tools is training!

Christine Lilyholm - Chef, Instructor, Business owner of Stonehouse Teas.

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