Drink more tea for a Better Community!
C Christine Lilyholm

Drink more tea for a Better Community!

Mar 7, 2024

If you know me (and Stonehouse Teas), then you know that we value our community.  It’s really underlying everything that we do.

So of course we wanted to create a tea that would give back to our community, but it became tricky to figure out where and who to support as there are so many amazing groups and organizations to consider.

When I first saw that the Campbell River Community Foundation’s driving concept was “helping people help others” I immediately connected with that idea. I simply have a fundamental part of myself that  roots for the underdog. It’s just who I am. So when I had the opportunity to meet Michaela from the Campbell River Community Foundation, we came up with the idea of the Chocolate EndowMINT tea. This delicious Rooibos tea is naturally decaffeinated.  With the addition of cacao nibs and peppermint, this tea tastes like an after dinner mint.  We often describe it as “dessert in a cup!”

The Community Foundation seemed like the perfect fit for what I was looking for as they support the entire community through a variety of grants. So the Chocolate EndowMINT Tea became a way for me to support many organizations and make a bigger impact on our community.

Just over a year ago, we made the decision to donate $1.00 from every bag of tea sold to the Campbell River Community Foundation.

We are so proud to announce that we have sold 378 bags of Chocolate EndowMINT tea over the past year! Thank you to everyone who purchased a bag!

This month we were so proud to hand over cheque to the CR Foundation to help support our community. 


Help us do even better this year: Buy a bag of our Chocolate EndowMINT tea.

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