Our Teas

Quality, Transparency and Ethics stand behind all of our teas.  

We work to make sure that our teas are being blended and flavoured without artificial ingredients.  Our packagings list all the ingredients in the tea so you can be sure there are no hidden sugars, gluten or artificial ingredients.  We purchase teas through the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization that monitors and regulates living and working conditions on tea estates around the world.  

Our teas that are labelled Organic are 100% certified organic and free of pesticides and herbicides.

Stonehouse Organic Teas

Our decaffeinated teas are processed without chemicals.  These teas retain all their flavour and depth as the caffeinated teas.  They are processed through the “Canadian Chemical Free CO2 Process” that gently removes the caffeine by flushing the tea with CO2. 

Natural Flavours – you may ask, why do some teas contain natural flavours and what does this mean?  Natural flavours are used to enhance the flavour of the ingredients added.  For example, Blueberry Black tea does have dried blueberries right in the tea, but natural flavouring is needed to enhance the blueberry flavour.  Without this the tea would not have the essence of blueberry and adding more and more blueberries would not give your tea enough flavour.  This is done through natural essential oils.  There are no synthetic solvents, carriers or preservatives added to the tea.  We are regularly working with our tea suppliers to be sure they are using the highest quality natural flavourings.  To avoid any natural flavouring, look for some of our estate or single origin black teas or herbal blends that do not have any fruits.

Stonehouse Teas is also well known for its Signature Blend Teas.  Christine brings her full chef experiences to create flavours and unique blends that form the Signature Blends Teas. In 2017, as a test with a local Yoga studio Ocean Mountain Yoga, we created a signature tea for their studio.  This tea blend tea grew quickly. That led to signature blends being made for other businesses like Sage Spa and Form Wellness as well as a unique 25th Anniversary tea blend for Stonehouse Teas.

Stonehouse Teas

In 2019, we decided to create a tea that would represent Campbell River that gives you the taste and feel of being here.  This unique blend was created by a panel of Campbell River locals and soon launched into the CR FOG as well as the CR JOLT.  Within 3 years, we have blended close to 230kg (500lbs) of tea and it has been shipped to several countries across the globe.