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February is for Appreciating the Fog!

Feb 7, 2024 · Campbell RIver fog · February · fogs · London Fog · tea fog · tea latte
February Fogs: a new one every day for 50% off throughout this month!
When you think February fog, you may think of the gloomy, dark and dreary days, but for me, I think of creamy, sweet and delicious, because when someone talks about fog, I’m thinking about tea fogs! 
I know it’s hard for many of us to get through February—while we’ve had a few sunny days this week, it seems that the fog settles around us after the rush of the holidays and the New Year. Many of us are anxiously waiting for Spring. 

So I wanted to offer something different this February: a cozy way of appreciating this month by bringing you a new tea fog every day.

What is a Fog Anyway?

There’s no real difference between a tea latte and a fog. A fog is creamy and delicious steamed milk, poured over tea with added sweetener.
The fog gained popularity through the London Fog which is actually believed to have been developed in Vancouver, BC!  A traditional London Fog is made with:
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Vanilla
  • Steamed milk
In fact, a lot of fogs are very popular, but they’re known by other names:
  • A chai latte is actually steamed milk with chai tea and sweetener.
  • A matcha latte is also steamed milk with matcha and sweetener.

Stonehouse has the largest selection of tea fogs around!

At Stonehouse Teas, we actually have the largest selection of fogs around. Stonehouse has become a little bit famous for the Campbell River Fog, which is made with:

When I was creating this fog, I tried to think of what flavours reminded me of Campbell River. Immediately the sweet scent of caramel and the salty ocean breeze came to my mind.  This allowed the wonderful flavours of the tea to come to the surface with just a hint of sweetener.  This drink was created to get you through those cold, dreary days and give you that warm, yet rugged feeling that is our Campbell River.

As our tea menu grows, so does our fog menu.  We have a YBL Fog and the Eagle Eye fog too!

Add a little variety into your February with a new fog.

Christine is sitting at a table with the window of Stonehouse Teas covered in hearts behind her

So I encourage you to break out of your routine this February by trying a new fog: perhaps you will find a new favourite! 

That’s why we’re offering a new fog every day for 50% off all day long through February.

Here’s to a foggy February: my hope is to help make you feel a bit different when you think of fog: creamy, sweet and delicious!

Until next time,

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