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C Christine Lilyholm

Keep it Cool with Iced Tea, the perfect recipe!

May 27, 2024

We have such a wide selection of teas that are perfect for iced tea, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t actually know how you can make great iced tea. I am here to help!

Choose Your Tea

You need to select the best tea for your palate.  Herbal tea seems to be the most popular, but a flavourful rooibos, black or green tea also makes a delicious iced tea.  Our top selling Herbal tea is our Lemon Mango Tango, followed closely by our 25th Anniversary and the Strawberry Raspberry.  In the summer months, we have our Fuzzy Peach tea which honestly outsells everything.
Some of my favourites for rooibos iced teas are the Wild Orchard because of the fruits in the tea.  The flowers in the Provence rooibos also makes a delicious tea.  Of all the green teas we offer, I prefer the Jewel Green tea as an iced tea—it’s especially delicious due to its blackberries and raspberries.

Use the Right Amount of Tea

It’s crucial for a good iced tea to steep the right amount of time, but also to use the right amount of tea.  Our recipe for the perfect Iced Tea is 40g (2 large Tbsp) per 2L of water.  We steep the tea with one litre of hot water and then pour the tea over 2L of ice. 

Method One: Iced Tea Overnight for Patient People

There are many ways to make Iced Tea depending on how rushed you are.  In the evenings, I like to make a pot of my favourite tea then pop it in the fridge overnight.  The tea will be chilled and ready to add to your water bottle for the day.

Method Two: Iced Tea When You’re in a Rush

If you would like Iced Tea right away-- truly who has that kind of time to plan ahead?!-- make a pot of your favourite tea with double the regular amount of tea.  Steep 3-10 minutes depending on the type of tea (read your steep times on the Stonehouse bags).  When steeped, pour over ice and enjoy immediately.  

Sweeten it Up or Not!

Most of our fruit teas are delicious on their own but sometimes a little sweetener is exactly what you like.  There are so many options for you to use: white sugar, honey, cane sugar, maple syrup, or your favourite flavoured syrup.   I recommend dissolving the sweetener in the tea while it is still hot, as it will help the sweetener properly dissolve.  

Make It Fun with Bubbles

Mix your Iced Tea with club soda and it is just like drinking pop without all the sugar.

Make it Boozy

Perhaps a tea cocktail is on the menu?  Try your favourite spirit with a strong Iced tea.  Add a little lemon or lime garnish to impress your friends.

Make it For The Kids

Iced Tea is a great alternative for juice or pop for your kids.  No sugar but still flavourful and a way to keep them hydrated through the hot summer months.  Trust me, they’ll be asking for seconds!

Ask Us for Help  

If you are still struggling to make that delicious Stonehouse iced tea, just pop by the shop, as we are always happy to help you create your favourite iced tea at home.  

Here’s to warm summer nights, keeping cool with your own iced tea!


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