Baking: Where It All Began
C Christine Lilyholm

Baking: Where It All Began

May 2, 2024

My earliest memories were working in the kitchen alongside my Mom, baking and cooking.  I would always be helping with the measuring, mixing and of course, the tasting!  Did anyone else ever ask to lick the beaters? 😊

I will never forget my 6th Birthday when I received my mini bake oven.  Finally, I was able to mix, bake and create my own cakes! I practiced over and over, building and decorating double layer cakes.  I would then present them to my family for dinner and we would cut that little tiny “lightbulb” baked cake into 6 pieces.  We each savoured every little bite. 

So it’s no wonder, that working as a Chef for over 30 years, I always specialized in desserts.  This has just always been my passion.

When I purchased Stonehouse Teas almost 8 years ago, baking and desserts were a very small part of the day: we offered just a small menu with a few items to enjoy with your tea. We had such a very small kitchen and small display area with no refrigeration, I couldn’t expand that part of Stonehouse.

After designing the kitchen though, it was time to put together a baking team– there was no way I would be able to do the baking and run everything for Stonehouse.  I was so excited when Kathy joined us– she’s an amazing Pastry Chef and friend.  Then Gina joined, which was amazing because she’s a past student of mine.  Now with Jen, the team is all set!

You can see that our desserts are constantly changing– it’s because I love the creativity that comes with creating a new delicious cake or other sweet.  So as we approach Mother’s Day, I thought I’d say thanks to my Mom, who was the first member of my first baking team.  Rest assured, I don’t lick the beaters anymore, but she really helped to teach me a lot about baking and being in a kitchen. Thanks Mom, I looking forward to seeing you for Mother’s Day!

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